Okay, so I'm a Cali native, Mexican-American, living it up in LA! I've taken charge of some bomb beauty brand campaigns like Shea Moisture and tackled campaigns for big hitters like HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Music, Amazon Prime, Showtime, & Starz. Before agency life, I was doing my thing as a Senior Designer for an app and co-leading designs in-house for Fullscreen’s Talent Network. Check out my resume HERE!
I'm all about that team vibe, but I also thrive solo when the occasion calls for it. As an Art Director, I get a kick out of nurturing designers, watching them flourish into bigger roles.
And when work takes a backseat, I'm out here uncovering dope restaurants with the crew and traveling with my partner and our furry buds - Jack Russell Mickey and German Shepherd Sacci. Life's about good food and epic adventures, am I right?

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